Finished products from chichiria wrappers:

Bag                                                                          Purse

Brief description:

“Chichiria” wrappers( junk food wrappers)  are in demand in our community and in school now a days. Teachers and some women organizations taught the pupils and other housewives, mothers on how to make purse, baskets, pencil cases and decorations out of junk food wrappers. This is to recycle the junk food wrappers into useful materials. It is a great help also in the waste management of the community since all wrappers are turned into attractive bags, purses and decorations. Pupils can earn through this project in school. Housewives can have additional income by making these bags and purses out of trash. This project encourages everyone to recycle, to learn and earn additional income. These products are in demand in the market at affordable prices.


The team attended the seminar on Waste Management sponsored by the BAT – WAAN Women’s Organization. They decided to choose this topic for their project. The researchers interviewed the proponent and the trainer. They joined the training at the Municipal Hall. During EPP period ( Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan), the researchers taught to the Grades V and VI pupils the process of recycling junk food wrappers to bags, purses, cellphone holders and pencil cases.

For documentation, the videocam and digicam were used. The Coaches edited the photos and videos before it was uploaded.

Expected Output:

–          To participate in the clean and green program in lessening non-biodegradable waste materials.

–          To recycle waste materials into useful materials and earn additional income.

–          To encourage out – of – school youth and children earn a living.


The product made up of chichiria wrappers  are called the product of love and patience since it requires time and effort in making especially the bags and big items.But even if it is difficult,many housewives engage themselves in making these bags and purses because they can earn even if they don’t have money(puhunan) to start the work.They can just go the market and look for trash wrappers.These products are already in demand in the market. Some are even sent abroad for export. The DSWD are helping in the marketing aspect of these products made by pupils of Banaue Central School and women organizations in Banaue.


1.      Preparation of the materials.

-Gather chichiria wrappers. Wash and dry them.

2.      Using a pattern and a pair of scissors cut the wrappers into rectangular shapes.

The pupils cutting the junkfood wrappers

3.      Fold the rectangular wrappers according to design and colors.

Billy folding the cut wrappers

4.      Interweave the folded wrappers.

Liza interweaving the folded wrappers

5.      Sew the interwooven wrappers with a nylon thread until you come up with the desired shape, a bag or a purse.

The pupils sewing the interweaved wrappers

6.      Put the zipper, now the product is ready to be sold to the market.

Team Profile

1. Alice Muntinig – Teacher

2. Jocelyn Dulappe – Teacher

3.Renita Fermin – Teacher

4. Billy Immoliap – pupil

5.Marikit Mangili – pupil

6. Rodney Chulipa – pupil


Mrs Betty Ganggangan

Women’s Organization

Grade V-B pupils

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